Recipes easy to make Spicy Chicken Stromboli

Recipes easy to make Spicy Chicken Stromboli

The ingredients for making Recipes easy to make Spicy Chicken Stromboli

  1. Pizza Dough – Store bought or home made
  2. Tomato Sauce
  3. Chicken pieces
  4. Spinach – Frozen or Fresh
  5. olives Pitted black and green
  6. Cheese Shredded – Your choice 🙂
  7. Olive oil – for brushing
  8. Garlic Minced

Step-step makingSpicy Chicken Stromboli

  1. I marinated the chicken pieces with some chilli powder, pepper and salt, and fried it a bit. Drain the chicken on some absorbent paper and leave aside

  2. Roughly chop the pitted black and green olives

  3. I had an interesting time with the dough! Use a bit of flour to play around and stretch out your dough. Once you have your dough rolled out well, pour some tomato sauce and evenly spread it around leaving an inch border around the dough

  4. Then I added some grated cheese, followed by the thawed frozen spinach, and the chicken pieces. Top this with the black and green olives

  5. Gently fold the dough length wise and tightly roll into a log. Make sure the edges are well sealed :). Lightly brush your baking sheet with some olive oil and place your stromboli on it

  6. I luv garlic, so instead of just brushing the top with some olive oil, I mixed some crushed garlic with it and brushed the top of the stromboli. You can also added olives and some grated parmesan as well

  7. Bake this in a preheated oven at 200C for about 30ish mins

  8. Serve warm with some Tomato Sauce or Salsa