Recipes easy to make Pani Poori

Recipes easy to make Pani Poori

The ingredients for making Recipes easy to make Pani Poori

  1. For poori-
  2. 1 cup whole wheat flour
  3. 1/2 cup suji
  4. 1/2 tsp Oil
  5. as required Water
  6. For filling:
  7. 2-3 Boiled potatoes
  8. 1 cup Boiled chana
  9. to taste Salt
  10. 2 tsp Jeera powder
  11. 1/2 cup Finely chopped onion
  12. 2 tbsp Sev
  13. For pani
  14. 1/4 cup Mint
  15. 1/2 cup Coriander
  16. 2 tbsp Jaljeera powder
  17. to taste Salt
  18. 4-6 Green chilli
  19. 4 tbsp Boondi
  20. as required Oil for frying

Step-step making Recipes easy to make Pani Poori

  1. Firstly make a tight dough with aata, suji, salt, oil and water.Keep it rest for 15 minutes.

  2. After that take dough a portion of lemon size roll it and make small poori.Make all poori make like this. Now heat oil in deep fry pan.When oil is hot.add poori 6-7 and fry these after golden colour take out from oil.Let it cool completely..

  3. Now prepare Pani take a grinder jar add mint, coriander leaves, chilli, salt…add few drop water make a smooth paste now take 1/2 litre water add prepare mint paste, jaljeera powder, boondi.Now it ready.

  4. After that take a bowl add boiled potatoes, Chana,salt jeera Powder.Mix well.Keep aside.

  5. Now take poori make hole in center with help of finger fill 1 tsp of potato filling,spread chopped onion, sev. Ready to serve with Pani. Garnish with boondi.