Recipes easy to make Fig spoon sweet

Recipes easy to make Fig spoon sweet

The ingredients for making Recipes easy to make Fig spoon sweet

  1. 50 figs
  2. 2 kg sugar
  3. almonds without the skins, as many as the figs (a few more don’t matter)
  4. cloves, as many as the figs 
  5. juice of one lemon 
  6. 6 cups water

Step-step makingFig spoon sweet

  1. Cut a small ring at the bottom of the figs, not the stem side, circularly with a knife and punch the figs with a fork or a skewer in 2-3 places.

  2. Boil the figs in a pot for 10 minutes in plenty of water.

  3. Drain them, rinse and drain again. They should have softened a bit by now. Insert an almond from underneath each fig (the side that you previously cut). Stud them on the side with a clove, as well. 

  4. Put the cups of water, the sugar and figs in a pot to make the syrup as well as boil the figs. Skim off the foam if necessary. 

  5. Boil for only 15 minutes and leave the figs in the syrup overnight. 

  6. The following day boil the sweet until the syrup thickens and towards the end add the lemon juice. 

  7. Finally, store in sterilized jars, while still hot.